KIKBLOX steel wall mounting box enclosures offer a comprehensive selection of sizes, catering to a wide range of applications. Additionally, for customers with specific requirements, they also provide the option of customized sizes upon request. The enclosures boast a scratch-proof textured paint finish, ensuring their durability and long-lasting aesthetic appeal in various environments. One of the standout features of these enclosures is the design of the spacious gland openings. These openings make the process of wiring significantly more convenient, allowing for smoother installations and reducing the risk of cable damage.

The inclusion of a mounting plate with each enclosure is another advantageous feature. This feature enables customers to create a customized enclosure that perfectly matches their specific needs and equipment layout. Whether it’s for housing electronic components, industrial instruments, or network devices, the mounting plate facilitates efficient and secure equipment assembly. The enclosures are fabricated using Electro Galvanized sheet material, which offers robust protection to the internal equipment against external factors such as corrosion and physical damage. This ensures that the enclosed equipment remains safe and operational, even in demanding environments.

Furthermore, KIKBLOX offers customers the option to request enclosures in a Stainless Steel finish. Stainless steel provides an additional layer of protection against rust and corrosion, making it ideal for applications in harsh and corrosive environments such as marine, chemical, or food processing industries. This versatility in finish options showcases KIKBLOX’s commitment to meeting various customer needs and ensures their enclosures can cater to a broad spectrum of industries and use cases. With their durable construction, thoughtful design, and flexibility in customization, KIKBLOX steel wall mounting box enclosures are a reliable choice for safeguarding valuable equipment and simplifying installationĀ processes.

Key Features



2 mm / 1.5 mm Electro Galvanized sheet / Pretreated using nano technology


Folded and seam welded. Four 9mm diameter holes for wall fixing. Four M8x30 studs for bottom profiles / Mounting plate fixation


Sealing is ensured by an injected one piece polyurethane gasket


M6x10 mm earthing studs in body and Door, M6 nuts, earthing washers and earthing labels


Up to IP 65 | IK 10


RAL 7035, structured powder coating / Fine textured


Concealed hinges with opening of 120 Angle. Can be fixed to both left & right side


Standard IEC lock (Steel / Plastic / Stainless Steel + Key)

Gland Plate

Top / Bottom Gland plates covering the spacious Gland holes for easier cabling


Box, Door, Hinges, Locks, Mounting Plate, Fixing screws, Cover plugs, Stiffener rails, Wall mounting brackets and Earthing facilities

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