Simplicity and versatility made tangible with our exceptional enclosure systems


KIKBLOX Modular Enclosure System carries the promise to deliver user satisfaction at all levels.


KIKBLOX Withdrawable system is a standardised solution for any switch-gear and control-gear assembler.


KIKBLOX wall mount enclosures are available in an extensive range of sizes and individual styles.


KIKBLOX Enclosures provides customized electrical enclosures with non standard sizes, with cut-outs, Special designs, etc. fitted with a complete range of accessories and fittings.


This Enclosures saves your assembly time and storage space, while having the frame built into the side plates


KIKBLOX designs and manufactures a wide range of Low Voltage distribution equipment for temporary power to construction and mining sites.

Modular Electrical Enclosures


Structural Engineering

13mm extra bend serves additional strength to the door with the minimum sheet thickness. Seamless gasket ensures maximum ingress protection.

Dynamic Design Capability

With the innovative “Axial Corner Module”, it brings in a unique advantage to the end user as it will add strength to the modular enclosure frame making the assembly rigid and strong, while the enclosures are flexible to expand in any direction

Pre-Scaled Outer Profile

With 25mm fixing positions it is easier to make decision for the panel builder without doing complex calculations. Modular mark makes panel builders life easier, without using measuring tapes in assembly

Simple Support

Retaining screws of the outer profile provide extra help to the assembler by allowing to fix the outer profile using only one hand.

Customer Testimonials

After using our products and encountering our services, the feedback given from them is what we need to assess ourselves. We believe that they are the best judge of how truly excellent KIKBLOX is. Following are extracts of many positive feedback that constantly flow our way. we believe that the secret to our success lies mainly in excelling in customer satisfaction and we continue to ensure that we keep raising the bar at every stage..!

Adam Hazlewood

Head of Product at Eltech

As a rapidly growing business in the electrical industry, finding a partner that not only understood our unique challenges but also offered innovative and scalable solutions was paramount.

Rob Wilson

Electrical Product Manager at ECS
New Zealand

ECS has been a KIKBLOX customer since 2016, from our first dealings we have been impressed by how easy they have been to work with.

Amr Mohamed Attia

Section Head Design Engineer at Smart Industries, Egypt

First, thank you KIK team for the really amazing time spent with all of you during our visit to your manufacturing plant. It was a great training,

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