Remote Monitoring and Analyzing of Low Voltage Distribution System

Electricity distribution is the final stage in the delivery of electricity from generating power plants to end users. A distribution system’s network carries electricity from the transmission system and delivers its load centers. It is the most visible part of the power supply chain, and as such the most exposed to the critical observation of its users. Thus, it is very important to have high reliability, high efficiency and high service quality in a distribution system.  Remote Monitoring and Analyzing of Low Voltage Distribution System will be value added solution.


In order to have such a system, improvement in some areas is important. They are, identifying the point of fault occurrence, fixing the fault in minimum time, keeping a proper data base of outage and fault occurrence, effectively monitor the voltage variation, current variation and other related parameters, identifying the voltage drop and keeping the variation within the standard level. At present, a system to monitor and control the low voltage distribution system in Sri Lanka does not exist. In this paper, we propose a permanent solution for the above issues by monitoring the distribution network regularly. The whole system is based on GSM network and measuring devices integrated with software interface. By using this developed system, faults can be detected instantly with the exact location including GPS map. The system helps to monitor voltage and current values efficiently, improve reliability, reduce the outage time, and maintain a proper data base and forecast the load. Keywords: Remote monitoring, Low voltage distribution, GSM communication


low voltage distribution lines is being developed in order to monitor and analyze low voltage, 50 Hz; three phase distribution system from a centralized control center. We propose a software tool integrated with specific measuring devices and proper communication link.

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