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KIKBLOX – Modular Electrical Enclosures

KIKBlOX – The KIK Modular Electrical Enclosure System carries the promise to deliver user satisfaction at all levels. The design is crafted to suit challenging working conditions and it allows one to change and specify the needs at will without incurring various different costs and limitations that comes with a welded system.

KIKBlOX is a Versatile, Modular Enclosure System designed for plate-enclosed switchboards, cabinets and control devices for electric assembly based on a concept of using standard modules. An extension of this design can also be utilized in the making of Control Board Consoles/Desks having angular tops and similar designs of that nature. With a small number of standard parts, it is possible to construct any size or type of modular enclosures as desired. The enclosure system is ideal for assembling various types of low voltage switchgear assemblies or control panels.



KIKBLOX Modular Enclosure system is a convenient way of building an electrical enclosure to best suit your switchgear assemblies. All our items are manufactured in 200mm incremental Modular sizes, so it is easy for the panel builder to measure and assemble the Units.

How it works:

01) Eight Corner blocks join together with 12 Outer Profiles Builds the Square shaped Forte Modular Structure.

KIKBLOX modular enclosure system

02) This structure will be fixed on to the Plinth Profiles to stand firm on the ground.

KIKBLOX modular enclosure system

03) Now fix the inner Profiles to partition the Structure as you required.

KIKBLOX modular enclosure system

04) Then fix the mounting plates to support your circuit breakers.

KIKBLOX modular enclosure system

05) Cover the buying legal trenbolone enanthate online in usa partitions with separation plates to match your panels form type.

KIKBLOX modular enclosure system

06) Finally complete the enclosure using Doors and covers to the necessary arrangement & you are done !

KIKBLOX modular enclosure system

It is that easy to a build your own Panel with KIKBLOX    !  

Furthermore the KIKBlOX Modular Enclosure system has many advantages such as:

  • The ability to assemble any size and shape of Enclosure with minimal effort
  • Present the possibility of expansions and modifications Sustanon 250 side effects at a minimal time
  • Reduction in transport and other related costs as the product is delivered in a Flat Pack
  • Ability to lift final assemblies up to 1.2 Tons with 12mm “Lifting Eyes”
  • Our Total Modular Enclosure System can be used in a wide range of different installations

modular enclosure system


The innovative “Axial Corner Module” brings in a unique advantage to the end user as it will add strength to the modular enclosure frame making the assembly rigid and strong. The system has been tested rigorously and proven to withstand harmful conditions and present numerous mounting options, which can be useful for many different industries. View our Test Certificates


To explore our delivered solutions visit https://kikglobal.com/references/

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