This Enclosures saves your assembly time and storage space, while having the frame built into the side plates, Ability to use all accessory items used in normal free standing enclosure system. Ideal for lite weight projects. Up to Ip 42


Easy to Assemble Solution

KIKBLOX  Modular DB System designed for plate-enclosed switchboards, cabinets, and control devices for electric assembly based on a concept of using standard modules. An extension of this design can also be utilized in the making of Control Board Consoles/Desks having angular tops and similar designs of that nature. With a small number of standard parts, it is possible to construct any size or type of modular enclosures as desired. The enclosure system is ideal for assembling various types of low voltage switchgear assemblies or control panels.

Significant Cost Savings

KIKBLOX easy to assemble Modular DB solution saves you money by reducing the shipping and storage cost due to innovative design.




Suitable for wide range of applications

  • Indoor applications
  • Small Distribution switchboards up to 630A
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Control-PLC, C BUS
  • Switchboards
  • Metering Switchboards
  • UPS Applications


Watch the video to understand how quickly you can assembly the KIKBLOX Modular DB



KIKBLOX modular enclosure system carries the promise to deliver user satisfaction at all levels. The design is crafted to suit challenging working conditions . View our list of references.


The KIKBLOX enclosure system is an innovative way of looking at enclosure solutions; the system is built around a “Corner Module” interconnecting with “Outer Profiles”. Any number of inner segregations and partitions can be achieved by fixing “Inner Profiles” at desired locations. Click above image to view in detail


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