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Free Standing Double Door Box

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Manufactured using Electro galvanized Mild Steel Sheet, pretreated using Nano technology, fully seam-welded, Powder coated for maximum durability & rust free protection. A welded  Plinth to support rigid standing on ground. Double door opening to easy equipment mounting access. You can apply this solution up to W 1200mm x H 1600mmx D 300mm in overall dimension requirements. Apply this where you need a fully welded box to stand firm on the ground and no wall support is present. A solid solution from KIKBLOX.


Free Standing Double Door Box

Free Standing Double Door Box Key Features:

  • Material  – 1.2 mm / 1.5 mm / 2.0 mm Electro Galvanized sheet / Pretreated using Nano technology
  • Body – Folded and seam welded. Four 9mm diameter holes for wall fixing. Four M8x30 studs for bottom profiles / Mounting plate fixation
  • Gasket – Sealing is ensured by an injected one piece polyurethane gasket on both doors
  • Earthing – M6x10 mm earthing studs in body and Door, M6 nuts, earthing washers and earthing labels
  • Protection – Up to IP 55 | IK 10
  • Finish – RAL 7035, structured powder coating / Fine textured
  • Doors – Concealed hinges with both door opening of 120 Angle
  • Lock – Swing handle key lock with rod & wheel mechanism
  • Gland Plate – Top / Bottom Gland plates
  • Content – Box, Door, Hinges, Locks, Mounting Plate, Fixing screws, Cover plugs, Stiffener rails, and a welded Plinth, Earthing facilities.

To explore our delivered solutions visit https://kikglobal.com/references/

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